The Surfactants Virtual Library

The Surfactants Virtual Library has been discontinued.  Thank you for your support and suggestions over the years.

This web site started in 1996 after I had collected a number of bookmarks to interesting surfactant related web sites that I came across in my research.  I thought these would be of interest to others in the field, so I made a small web site out of them. It eventually grew to well over 1000 links.  The web was in it's infancy eight years ago, there is now much more information available, and better ways to search for it.

My career path has taken me away from academic research, and I an no longer devote the time required to maintain this site.  An organized set of links maintained by someone familiar with a topic is useful, but quite time consuming to prepare and update.  These days, I find a general search engine such as Google does 99% of what I need.

My father and I are selling our technical books, using  If you are interested, have a look at our book list, our account name is techbooksboston.

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